NEW DAWN FADES is the musical brainchild of Ritual Earth vocalist George Chamberlin aka GFA, a concept originally brought to life as a solo studio affair back in mid-2022. Starting with the first 3 songs, George took to the studio in between other projects, singing and recording all the instruments himself except the drums, resulting in the 2023 release of their debut EP, Forever.

Expanding the lineup since their inception with the addition of former Blackhand guitarist Corey Pettingill, former Boy Sets Fire bassist Rob Avery, and Trunk drummer Luis Hernandez, New Dawn Fades has continued to refine their sonic identity. Their self-described heavy psych riff rock signature sound — which puts a contemporary spin on influences from across the stoner, doom, hard rock, and grunge canon including Kyuss, Soundgarden, Danzig, and Black Flag — has earned them a diverse and growing fanbase as well as accolades from Doom Charts, Aversion Online, and Musipedia of Metal, who predicted their future as being ‘everyone’s favorite band very, very soon.’

With momentum at an all-time high, New Dawn Fades are prepping for a busy year ahead, distilling a treasure trove of tracks into their debut LP, slated for release towards the end of 2024, as well as commissioning a vinyl release for their existing EP. To bring their music to the people, a spree of live shows and tour dates is also in the works — which will be announced in due time.


“The vocals are wickedly entertaining with GFA reveling in frontman persona. I expect this band to make a name for themselves within the Stoner Metal Underground Scene with perhaps a more substantial release. Excellent and Highly Recommended.” – Outlaws of the Sun

“There’s this undercurrent of punk, grunge and sludge, but it’s the stonerized hardrock and blues that prevails and grooves the most. Riff heavy and heavy in their nods towards the good stuff from the eighties and nineties. Seriously, you could listen to this Forever…” - Doom Charts. 

"...the three tracks on the Forever EP are way more stoner grunge, and I am not sure there is an EP in recent memory I am more excited for a full length follow up because these three songs are next level great. Talk about leaving you wanting more, Forever is a tease of the highest order." - Musipedia Of Metal 

"The songs have a lot of swing to them, which is a bluesy doom style I particularly like. Although based in Philly, there is a bit of the  Carolinas style making me feel some influence from COC and the like. All the performances are top notch and so is the production. George's vocals are a stand out, perfect voice for New Dawn Fades. If you like doom slash hard rock, you're going to like New Dawn Fades. It is 2023, I look forward to their future and literally can't wait for the very next release!" - Tommy Stewart, Black Doomba Records 

"I had been following this undertaking on Instagram and was curious, but I have to confess this is even better than I might have anticipated." - Aversion Online